fairtone® Entertainment was founded in 1997 in the industry city of Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. A company that introduces a new era of music business practices dedicated to the development of emerging artists who extended the boundaries of various types of music. Set to fill the musical needs of large market that demands to be recognized for its intelligence and thoughtfulness.

Intends to support artists whose music will enrich the beauty in all culture. Distributed by a network of independents, fairtone is committed to signing artists that reflect the artistic progression of Black, Western, African and American music. „We are devoted to presenting artists with sincere message that communicates respect for the complexities of our lives“. We believe musical audience respond to sincerity, „Our philosophy is based on nurturing the artist and their creative process“, While many artists do not receive fair contracts, honest promotion, or genuine interest from the label that signed them, fairtone’s goal is to cultivate integrity in the business.

Taking artists through different process from song writing and recording to manufacturing their Music in a friendly and professional manner. We produced both modern and classic recordings in a variety of styles, working from major labels to budget productions that covers a wide spectrum of music from rock to rap, jazz to Afro beat, song writing to full production and as well as film-score for soundtracks. For many years, we worked only with music publishers and record companies. Now, we have opened our service up to all songwriters. We can help with every phase of songwriting, both words and music. We will work with you to create a beautiful song from your words. We guarantee it!

Baba Omar
CEO / Music Producer

A Nigerian born Activist is one of the many Independent music producers that have evolved up in the industry here in Europe. He graduated as an Educationist in Art and Culture, then started off as a singer with his own local band, the UNIQS in Lagos Metropolis and later as a keyboardist for the CONFRONTATIONS. Then went to purse a Diploma in Audio and Acoustic Engineering and a Degree in Ton-Meister at SAE in Holland. He co-produced, engineered and shaped the sound of CHIMA (3P), NADJA BENAISSA (NO ANGELS), 3RD (London), MASSARI and DANNY FERNANDES (Canada), LOON (Bad Boys Entertainment), BRENDAN REILEY (Uni-Soul) and many Independence artists.

Chris McTeen
Musician / Production Consultant

Born in Stuttgart, Germany. Her father is an American singer. She started playing piano and violin at the age of 7, singing in a school bands. As an early adolescent disco fan, she collected and consumed tremendous amount of ROCK, SOUL, FUNK and R&B LP’s from 80’s and started to write her first compositions. Attended a vocal training that completed her musical development. Produced with her band MAYFLOWER, took part in TV, RADIO and LIVE SHOWS. During her solo carriers She also worked abroad: in Poland, Ireland, Thailand and Malaysia. She also participated as singer in several early fairtone productions. She is currently an active DJane, SINGER, LYRICIST and PRODUCER.

Jesse Lee Davis
Artist / Music Producer

Born in Arkansas and raised in Texas. As army soldier he went to Germany 1989, Instead of fighting and drilling, He showed his talent and had a perfect time singing and entertaining his buddies and officers. It was in the early 90’s when Jesse got his first hit attention. Together with the PROPHECY PRODUCERS team it grew to three hits and some small ones later. Songs like “GET UP ON THIS”, “ROUND AND ROUND”, and of course “IS THIS LOVE” made number one in several countries. It was a busy and turbulent period of Jesse. The song was number one in Israel, the other one was again in Germany out and directly in the German charts. First he worked a lot with SONY-BMG and later with POLYGRAM.

Loomis Green
Guitarist / Music Producer

Born and raised in Daytona Beach, Florida. Studied Jazz Guitar in USA, he move to Germany in 1989 as a member of the Army band stationed in Berlin, later a band member of the WEATHER GIRLS, He has toured with EARTHA KITT and has played for a number of Artist ranging from R&B, Jazz to Rock. Currently playing for NADJA BENAISSA (NO ANGELS) and DISKO NO1 (JAN DELAY)

Siba Kocaman
Recording Engineer / Consultant

Eastern native of Ghana, move to Germany in 1995. Influenced by O’Jays, Levert, Angie Stone and D’Angelo. Fascination with Soul, Hip-Hop, Funk, Rock and Funk sound;For him, the sharpness of James Brown, Prince, Michael Jackson sounds is the kind of style he strive for in recording and mixing engineering. He is presently pursuing an Engineer Diploma Studies in School of Audio Engineering, Frankfurt.

Ado Omar
Manager / Production Assistant

Studied Business Administration in Kogi Poly, Nigeria, Formally Head of Nobel Venture Ltd. Then move to fairtone in 2006 the business units. He grew up with music and listen to different styles of music, in addition to afro-beat, western and hard-to-classify styles, i also like to listen to R’n’B, Soul, Dancehall and WORLD MUSIC. Entertainments and business has been the most important aspect of my life.