Ich kämpfe

Mahan Samadi was born in December 12th, 1983 in Teheran – Iran, where he grew up during the Iran / Iraq controversial 10 years war, then migrated with his family to Germany in 1990, and then attended a German school, although on irregular basis.

He begins writing his own lyrics since the age of 14 and started developing his own rap skill, in Mahan’s own word, music is his weapon of the future, to fight all obstacles and barriers that have separated mankind and courses a global disharmony, through music he has learnt to approach things differently, and that’s why his text and lyrics are not glorifying violence rather encourages youths of today to stay out of troubles on the streets and ready to get themselves in readiness for difficulties and other challenges ahead them.

His lyrics are aim at opening people’s eyes to the illusion of today without solution! I describe him, as a rapper who is always in a good mood, loyal, honest and brave, always ready to do the right thing, that is how he is trying to change the world positively.

Birth name Mahan Samadi
Born December 12, 1983
Origin Germany.
Genre(s) Hip-Hop & Rap
Occupation(s) Artist & Songwriter
Instrument(s) Voice
Years active 2007-2009
Label(s) fairtone Records

Lebe deine Träume

Mel pours her heart and soul into „Lebe Deine Träume“ her coming debut album in stores for Christmas ’08! Just like most artist, she doesn’t like doing the same thing over and over again! Her roots and background is germany, france and sweden; a daughter of an opera singer, she has been singing since her childhood, performing for theatre as a teenage; then singing with children choir group during her early school days.

She had also performed with SQUEEZER, INDIAN FIRE, CM, CALVIN ROTAIN before launching herself in to this music scene. She’s been dealing with this whole drama about being bored with the pop scene, so she is bringing back the pop country with full force, well, taking it back to ol‘ days with a unique sound, for her It’s like the essence of being an artist; evolution.

Lebe Deine Träume, is a uptempo country pop, taking from her coming debut album, expanding the minds and ears of music lovers.


God’s People! “Kenneth Eze & Emmanuel Udeh”.

A new generation gospel group that combines Afro, R&B and Hip-Hop Music, To let people understand that gospel music is not boring like some do think it’s a music for every occasion, Above all to create joy in every soul we come in contact with.

So, they came up with (NGG) New Generation Gospel, which brought about great changes in their life, answers to all their questions, joy and peace.

They want to reach out to the youths of today by addressing a situation of which has been of tremendous concern to them. The youths are on the streets searching for drugs. Education is now things of the past; crime and murder are signs of braveness. Brutality and disrespect has become order of the day. The youths have refused to better their future, but rather have choosing to become terror to parents, teachers, and schoolmates and to the entire public.

GP thought it is wise if mankind could return to her MAKER solution will emerge. Bring the little ones up in the way of good path, so when they grow up, they will not depart from it. A little advice from GP “Push on! Pray until something happen, never ever give up in anything you’re doing; YOU CAN MAKE IT.

Street Music

Ado was on December 12th, 1983 in Solingen – Germany,

Ado is an aspiring singer with a strong vocal personality

Birth name ADO Kojo

Born December 12, 1983

Origin Germany.

Genre(s) R&B, soul

Occupation(s) Singer & songwriter

Instrument(s) Voice

Years active 2004-2009

Label(s) fairtone Records

Associated acts Eko Fresh, Asad