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Montag, 22. Januar 2018


Lebe Deine Träume

Mel pours her heart and soul into "Lebe Deine Träume" her coming debut album in stores for Christmas '08! Just like most artist, she doesn't like doing the same thing over and over again! Her roots and background is germany, france and sweden; a daughter of an opera singer, she has been singing since her childhood, performing for theatre as a teenage; then singing with children choir group during her early school days. 

She had also performed with SQUEEZER, INDIAN FIRE, CM, CALVIN ROTAIN before launching herself in to this music scene. She's been dealing with this whole drama about being bored with the pop scene, so she is bringing back the pop country with full force, well, taking it back to ol' days with a unique sound, for her It’s like the essence of being an artist; evolution. 

Lebe Deine Träume, is a uptempo country pop, taking from her coming debut album, expanding the minds and ears of music lovers.