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Montag, 22. Januar 2018


Why Mastering?

In the recording studio, you record one song at a time, and focus on making each song great. The result, however, is generally a collection of songs that all peak at different levels and have different EQs. A professional mastering engineer unifies the CD by using EQ, compression, and other dynamics processing to give it a consistent sound from track to track. In addition, mastering can raise your album’s overall level, so your album can compete with any major label release. Mastering also ensures that your music will sound great whether it’s being played through a car stereo, a portable CD player, or a top-of-the-line stereo system.

We consistently remained at the forefront of technology so your album will sound its best. Our industry-leading CD Mastering studio offers you access to some of the most advanced mastering gear ever produced, at a fraction of the price of the world's other leading mastering houses. After CD Mastering, your project will have the professional edge needed to compete with major label releases.

We provides world-class mastering at prices independent musicians can afford. Our audio mastering engineer, can improve your recording, by:

• Raise the overall level.

• Even out song levels and EQ individual tracks for cohesion.

• Correct minor mix deficiencies with EQ.

• Enhance flow by changing the space between tracks.

• Eliminate noises between tracks.

Free preview!

We're so confident that mastering can make a huge difference in the majority of recordings, that we are offering a FREE Mastering review - upon request - when you place a new CD replication order. As part of our mission to make your CD project a success, fairtone engineer will preview your master to determine whether or not your CD would benefit from post production. Call us and we'll give you our honest opinion with no sales pitch.