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Montag, 22. Januar 2018


God’s People! “Kenneth Eze & Emmanuel Udeh”.

A new generation gospel group that combines Afro, R&B and Hip-Hop Music, To let people understand that gospel music is not boring like some do think it's a music for every occasion, Above all to create joy in every soul we come in contact with.

So, they came up with (NGG) New Generation Gospel, which brought about great changes in their life, answers to all their questions, joy and peace.

They want to reach out to the youths of today by addressing a situation of which has been of tremendous concern to them. The youths are on the streets searching for drugs. Education is now things of the past; crime and murder are signs of braveness. Brutality and disrespect has become order of the day. The youths have refused to better their future, but rather have choosing to become terror to parents, teachers, and schoolmates and to the entire public.

GP thought it is wise if mankind could return to her MAKER solution will emerge. Bring the little ones up in the way of good path, so when they grow up, they will not depart from it. A little advice from GP “Push on! Pray until something happen, never ever give up in anything you’re doing; YOU CAN MAKE IT.