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Montag, 22. Januar 2018

Song Lyrics and Poems Wanted for Evaluation

Papa International Music Publishing Service:

We provide free song lyric evaluations. E-mail them to: publishing(at)fairtone(dot)de
We specialize in composing music and producing demo recordings for songwriters. We record R'n'B, Soul, Pop, and Rock, Ballads and Easy Listening music. (We do not record R&B or Rap.)

Our Recording Service provides:
A high quality digital recording on CD
This recording includes male vocalist, two guitars, bass guitar, drums and harmony vocal.

We give you a second version of your song on the CD with the vocals removed, for those who want to sing their own song.

A copy of the original music manuscript (lead sheet), which includes the words, music notes and chord symbols.

If you do not write music, we can help. We will compose the music for free, with the purchase of a demo.
You retain full ownership of your song.

Copyright Forms and Instructions on how to register the copyright for your songs.
A list of Music Publishers currently looking for new songs.
FREE entry into the P.I.M.P. Annual Song Contest
FREE answers to your questions about songwriting or the music business by email

Song Marketing Service and Demo Marketing:
If you already have a song recorded, we can help you sell it. See the full details on our (URL Song Marketing Service) page.
We are a consumer friendly company guided by our Charity Supports. Five percent of our sales are donated to charity.

Email is free, but if you need a reply by mail, or if you want your material returned, please include a large self-addressed stamped envelope. Thanks!

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