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  • Papa Music International (P.I.M.P.) We produce demo recordings and help songwriters get published. Right now, we are looking for lyrics suitable for a male and female vocalist. E-mail them to: publishing(at)fairtone(dot)de We want lyrics that rhyme and are in meter. Do not send attachments. Single space lyrics For further guidelines on the type of lyrics we are looking for, see our page (Composing And writing URL Link). If you write only words and not music, that is okay. We can write the music for your song. Please include your mailing address, in case we want to offer you a recording proposal. Your name will not be placed on a mailing list. We do not send spam.
  • New! A fast, easy way to copyright your songs, See our (Registration Service URL Link) If you already have a song recorded, and a good quality recording, we can get your song heard by music publishers. For full details, including fees, see our (Song Marketing Service URL Link). Send a copy of your songs on cassette or CD, along with a copy of the lyrics to:
  • fairtone / P.I.M.P. Papa International Music Publishing. Zur Freiheit 6 51491 Overath

Actual – Mahan – His lyrics are aim at opening people’s eyes to the illusion of today without solution! I describe him, as a rapper who is always in a good mood, loyal, honest and brave, always ready to do the right thing, that is how he is trying to change the world positively.


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